Top PSP Emulators for Android

Top PSP Emulators for Android

Top PSP Emulators for Android

Top PSP Emulators for Android

Top PSP Emulators for Android Sony’s PlayStation Compact remaining parts one of the best handheld gaming frameworks of all time.It packed stunning 3D visuals and console-quality titles into a slick, portable device. Now thanks to the wonders of emulation, we can enjoy PSP classics on our Android phones and tablets. But which emulators actually do the PSP justice? Let’s rank down the top PSP emulators available on Android!

Top PSP Emulators for Android Rocket PSP Emulator

Kicking off the list we have Rocket PSP Emulator, a fairly recent addition arriving in 2021. Built in C++, Rocket uses OpenGL to replicate PSP graphics on Android. It also leverages mobile GPUs through the Vulkan API for enhanced performance. Screen layout options, hardware controller mapping, and touch controls make gaming comfortable on both smartphones and tablets. While compatibility is hit or miss, Rocket’s speed and simplicity gives it an edge for PSP on the go.


Don’t let the strange name fool you – CorgiDS is a legit emulator, even if it sounds more fit for a pet shop. Built in Kotlin, CorgiDS actually emulates both Nintendo DS and Sony PSP games. It leverages the same core code for dual compatibility. While the DS side needs work, CorgiDS does a fine job running lighter PSP titles. The material-inspired UI also looks great on any Android. And appreciating the corny canine branding gives CorgiDS charm. For lesser known PSP games, this pup can fetch.


This well-known ISO utility tool for PCs crossed over to Android in 2018. On mobile, PowerISO lets you directly boot PSP ISO/CSO files. It neatly handles PSP software and emu functions in one place with no fuss. Streamlined operation and straightforward playability has been PowerISO’s MO for years. The Android version stays faithful to that approach for on-the-go PSP gaming. While pricier than other entries, PowerISO’s ease of use and reputable namebrand justify the cost.


This official variant of the popular PPSSPP emulator optimized performance for mobile chipsets, starting with the Snapdragon 835. Gold first arrived in 2020 using Vulkan graphics for buttery smooth PSP gameplay. It also introduces HD rendering at higher resolutions like 2K and 4K. Of course, you’ll want a flagship Android phone to see benefits. But on premium devices, Gold makes PSP titles shine brighter than ever at 60fps. Given the active development, PPSSPP Gold should only get better.


Prefer to have all your emulators in one place? It bundles together emulators for systems like NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and of course PSP. While not the most accurate, the PSP performance is surprisingly decent. Optimized touchscreen controls work well in games like God of War. Finding, managing and launching games is also slick. At over 10 million downloads, Emus4u’s popularity speaks for itself. Convenience is king.

ClassicBoy Gold

As another jack-of-all-trades emulator, ClassicBoy Gold crams in 20+ systems including PlayStation Portable. This premium version optimizes PSP performance for Android with customizable touchscreen layouts. It also uniquely emulates PSP’s firmware to better boot games. For a few bucks, this multi-emu provides awesome flexible PSP play.


As part of the fantastic open-source RetroArch ecosystem, Lemuroid delivers excellent unified emulation. The benefit? Lemuroid downloads “cores” for each system like PlayStation Portable that replicate hardware almost perfectly. The PSP emulator is built on PPSSPP’s codebase too. This means you get fast performance and high compatibility in Lemuroid’s clean interface. One purchase unlocks multiple optimized retro emulators. While pricier than typical apps, Lemuroid’s quality can’t be beat.


Don’t let MagicPlay’s lack of fame fool you – this indie emulator can magically run even intense PSP games at full speed. Thanks to dynamic recompiling and other tech tricks, performance exceeds similar apps. Optimized runtime environments for select popular titles like Grand Theft Auto and Tekken also boost speeds further. For just a few bucks, MagicPlay punches far above its weight. With extra polish and options, it could easily contend for #1. 

Matsu Player

Matsu Player leverages the open-source PPSSPP core but makes everything silky smooth with speed hacks and frameskip. Dynamic resolution changing also means optimal visuals during action-heavy segments. Matsu Player has great built-in mapping for external controllers too. While it still lacks some niceties of PPSSPP proper, Matsu Player delivers maximal portable PSP power right now on Android.


But hear me out – AetherSX2 utilizes the innards of PCSX2, which itself can also emulate PSP games very well through a plugin. So with the right bios and settings configured in AetherSX2, you get an incredible PSP experience at high resolution and speed. The extra effort involved pays off for phenomenal PSP gaming on par with PPSSPP, if not better. That’s why the fortuitous flexibility of AetherSX2 snags #1 for hardcore PSP players.

And there you have it – the top PSP emulators available today for Android devices! Our options have greatly expanded beyond just PPSSPP, with passionate devs tailoring their emulator offerings to mobile hardware. No matter your phone or tablet, there’s a solution for enjoying PlayStation Portable classics to go. Which emulator do you rely on for your mobile PSP fix?

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