Top 10 PSP You Can Play on Android

Top 10 PSP Games You Can Play on Android

Top 10 PSP Games You Can Play on Android

Top 10 PSP Games You Can Play on Android

Top 10 PSP Games You Can Play on Android Do you ache for the magnificence days of Sony’s PlayStation Compact? I feel you, companion. The PSP was a progressive handheld that conveyed staggering control center quality gaming in a hurry. While it may be defunct today, we can still revisit PSP classics on Android and thanks to PPSSPP emulation. So park your DeLorean time machine in 2005, and let’s rank the top 10 best PSP games you can play right now on your phone or tablet!

Top 10 PSP Games You Can Play on Android LittleBigPlanet

This splendid 2D platformer transports you to the capricious and inventive universe of LittleBigPlanet.Players control the adorable sack-person Sackboy as he hops and floats through vibrant DIY levels. You can let your imagination run wild by crafting new levels with the robust creation tools. LittleBigPlanet’s childlike wonder and blurring of gaming with editing tools made it a trailblazer. The signature charm and fun level design makes this PSP spinoff well worth playing today. Just be ready for its tricky minigames like throwing basketballs into a hoop that sways back and forth – timing those jumps takes zen-like focus!

God of War: Chains of Olympus 

Kratos hacks and slashes his way onto PSP with Chains of Olympus, a must-play for fans of gory action.

Taking down mythological Greek beasts with gruesome finishing moves is morbidly satisfying. The locales you battle through are stunning, like the glittering heights of Mount Olympus. Sure, it’s grim stuff, but the slick combat, sinister magic spells, and sense of powering up Kratos still makes Chains of Olympus irresistible carnage.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Why should console and PC gamers have all the open-world mayhem? Liberty City Stories proved handheld gamers could also wreak havoc in Rockstar’s living, breathing worlds. This time your crimes take place in a 3D rendition of Liberty City loosely based on New York City. There’s guns to wield, cars to steal, gangs to take down, and tons of seedy characters to meet. While not quite as awe-inspiring as later GTA titles, squeezing this sandbox onto PSP was hugely impressive. And it’s still one of the finest handheld GTA experiences, overflowing with urban action.¬†


If you like rhythm games, blocks of color, and trancing out to great electronica – does Lumines have the experience for you!

Colored blocks drop into the playfield in time with the kicked-up techno and ambient tracks. You rotate and align blocks to create squares of the same color. When cleared, the timeline advances. The synergy of the timeline, vivid colors, and sublime tunes makes Lumines a psychedelic puzzler that takes you to a higher state of gaming consciousness.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Realm Hearts’ most memorable experience worked for psp is likewise one of its best RPGs. Birth By Rest returns us to dearest Disney universes and presents three interconnected new legends – Land, Ventus and Water. These appalling characters have incredible profundity and watching their accounts unfurl is a personal rollercoaster. The fight framework here is quick and liquid, with energizing Order Deck capacities to convey. What’s more, matching those keyblade fights with exemplary Disney districts and cinematics makes Realm Hearts: Birth By Rest feel like a major financial plan console blockbuster contracted onto convenient.

Patapon 3

Patapon 3 is an absolute rhythm riot. These adorable worshipped creatures march to your drumbeats and engage in strategic battles. As leader, you bang out sequenced commands while chanting “Pata Pata Pata Pon!” Tougher enemies and multiplayer depth introduce welcome challenge for veterans. Patapon 3 becomes almost transcendental once you’re fully in sync with the catchy rhythms. With a tribal vibe reminiscent of living forests, this antique war drum simulator remains an imaginative gem.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

Castlevania: The Dracula X Accounts packages together a superb 2D platformer set of three for a definitive vampire-hunting experience.The highlight is a full 3D remake of Rondo of Blood boasting rich Gothic atmosphere and whip-cracking gameplay. And unlockable remake The Original Rondo of Blood completes the package. With three games in one, this Castlevania compilation is a must-own for any fan of metroidvania or whip-toting Belmont clan members.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Hideo Kojima shows the full scope of his stealth opus can shine even on handheld with this ambitious PSP hit. Nearly everything you love about Metal Gear is here: cinematic storytelling, memorable boss battles, silly humor, and of course silently sending enemies to eternal sleep. The base management meta-game also adds great depth, letting you research weapons and craft new gear. Like any Kojima joint, the spiraling story is complex but also full of pathos and pondering the horrors of endless war. For many, Peace Walker remains their favorite tactical espionage operation.

Last Dream Strategies: Battle of the Lions

This refreshed interpretation of PlayStation’s Last Dream Strategies brings new cutscenes, exchange, and perfect cel-concealed designs that make it the conclusive rendition. Under is the equivalent splendid strategic RPG interactivity that motivated innumerable replacements. Building your crew and driving them thusly put together fights with respect to isometric lattices is everlastingly fulfilling. The work framework permits tremendous customization as you shape characters to dominate wizardry, battle, and that’s just the beginning. Political show unfurls in the story alongside surprising turns and disloyalties.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII

My top pick for best PSP game goes to Crisis Core, the action-oriented prequel to Final Fantasy VII. It beautifully expands on the backstory of fan favorite character Zack Fair as he navigates Shinra politics and befriends Sephiroth and Cloud. The combat is fantastic, blending real-time action with RPG leveling in a way that keeps you constantly engaged. Emotionally, Crisis Core packs a wallop. You know Zack’s fate going in, but that doesn’t make the ending any less impactful. This poignant journey fleshes out Final Fantasy VII in relatable human ways for an experience I consider must-play.


There you have it friends – the top PSP games you can enjoy right now on Android thanks to emulation. What classics did I miss? What’s your favorite PSP memory? Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to like and subscribe for more retro content!

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